We create stress and direct the action. You control the effort and final product. You can become whatever you choose. Our training is simple, but it allows us to create an environment, with obstacles that are exactly as difficult as they need to be. We can create deliberate habitual responses, pull-by-pull, push-by-push, and step-by-step. We will rebuild our relationship with hard work, with self-doubt, with victory and defeat.


We each start at different places. As we chase a specific goal, each individual may require countless number of motivations. We have the ability and the patience to apply stress at whatever inte.nsity that is necessary to help us improve


No successful plan survives implementation. real life happens.  We create programs that are highly flexible with a responsive framework. This means that we can make sure the plan each day is the most beneficial possible and works with your life.


We intend to be a bridge, through intelligent, goal-oriented programming.  We intend to make you better at whatever you choose to be.  The gym is artificial, it is what you do outside of our walls that inspires us


Our mind is primary and responds to training much like a muscle. Our training is designed to expose and address the weaknesses of our minds; to address what is of the greatest benefit, not just what is easyto see.


Currently, we have the Gulf Coast’s only GYM JONES Fully Certified Instructor.  We are dedicated to upholding the strict standards set forth, to lead from the front and only ask of others that which we would expect from ourselves.


Numerous coaches work to create a strong, supportive environment, both in and outside the gym. We understand that a few hours each week in the gym can quickly be undone; it can also be prepared for.  We work with you, even when we’re not with you.

“I have an issue with comfort, and the desires of people for comfort. Because I think comfort is the antithesis of ambition.”

-Rem Koolhaas


Mobility | Strength |Endurance

Byron Godfrey

Byron has 15 years of strength and conditioning experience. His passion for the industry began while playing football at Rice University. Currently he’s a Fully Certified Gym Jones Instructor, as well as the wellness center director for Memorial Clinical Associates.

Chris Courtwright

Chris has over 8 years of training and coaching experience. His love for training began as a linebacker at Trinity University in San Antonio. He is also a certified mobility specialist. This allows him to help with injury prevention and post rehabilitation.

Marcus Morris

Marcus has 4 years experience with training and coaching. Currently, he is a USA Track and Field Level 1 coach. As a former All American hurdler at Tennessee State University, Marcus has extensive knowledge in speed and power development.

``Shoutout to the people who were fed up and decided to make a change! Whether it's your body, a relationship, a job, or WHATEVER it is, make a decision and be firm. Change will come!!`` #FBF #MrsMisfitStrength- Mrs Misfit
I like to call them ``Homecoming Supersets``! If the hotel gym got weights...I'm liftin!- K Stew